So, this is my old poem. Finally I put it here, for public. Hopefully it can encourage you to keep your faith, hope, and still grow, love, and being content 🙂 Being insecure is normal, sometimes you can see it as a drive for you to do something that meaningful for you. It doesn’t have to be big things for the world, but it’s what matters to you. Have a warm love for yourself. Enjoy 🙂


Invite me to your breakfast

Invite me to your lunch

Invite me to your dinner

Because when you sit in front of me,

stare in my eyes

and tell me about your days

I absorb it all and let my brain memorize it

With the light on your back

With a glimpse of your smile

And the warmth that my heart feels

I call it happiness


I will help you cut the vegetables

I will help you set the table

I will help you do the dishes

Because when you feel helped

smiling and looking at me

Then continue your stories

I listen it all and let my brain to memorize it

The smell of your scent

The sound of your laugh

And the cheer that my heart feels

I call it happiness


But as a grown-up person

I know it doesn’t happen all the time

We don’t meet every time

And if we do, we get bored sometimes


And as a grown-up person

I learn to treasure all that i call happiness

To give strength to my faith

That we are good together

even when we are not.


As a grown up person,

I have to work, you have to work

I have dreams, and so do you

And these things are also my happiness


Even as a grown up person,

I still have God that wants to connect with me

sometimes He makes problems with me

showing my weaknesses in my life,

that as a grown up person

I cry and I can be sick,

I still fail and make mistakes,

and I am only a human being..


So, when I have spirit at the end of day

I give thanks to my God,

And what I do, I recall my happiness,

especially those moments with you

And I thank God, you’re in my prayer

And it needs patience.. and perseverance, and answers

And if it’s not you, it’s okay

Because I got what Love does for me.

Growing and fruitful

And this, I call LIFE.


author: @astridwen

editor: agustine angeline

Jakarta, 2014


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